PSI offers an exclusive consulting service focused on structural and stress history. We are able to provide clients with full stress analysis for all nineteen, and more, of the inter-related uses listed on the site under Exploration, Drilling and Production which includes:

  • Stress consistent seismic interpretation
  • Fault seal
  • Pressure-depth graphs
  • Pore pressure prediction
  • Frac planning

If you would like to determine what PSI can do for you, send us your horizon and assigned fault data (in Geoquest image card 7 format) and a representative interpreted dip and strike line over a located sample area. We will use our industry-first 4DGeoStress software to see if your structural mapping is stress-consistent. PSI will email a brief report and recommendations without charge.


We also undertake non-exclusive regional stress from seismic studies. An example being our recently completed study in the South Australian Cooper Basin. The study used 2D surveys with line spacing of 2.5km to 20km, well in excess of our usual field/prospect line separation of 100 to 200m, however, the derived SHD’s were in accordance with the several measured SHD’s from wellbore breakouts and drilling induced fractures. SHMagnitudes (or Anderson stress states) were broadly determined and can only be modeled from measured data.

The aim of the study was to gather sufficient stress data to allow operators to choose a sequence of studies for exploration and drilling/production planning targets such as for horizontal shale gas well planning, deep basin centered gas, gas from coals and conventional tight gas. Client interpreted 3D seismic surveys are tested for stress consistency then spliced into the 2D non-exclusive study for exclusive applications.