PSI can generate accurate quantified minimum Earth horizontal stress (Sh) and frac direction maps from seismic pre-drill.

Open-Closed Natural Fractures

If a reservoir is suspected of being fractured but the fracture pattern and distribution is not well known, the more productive or ‘open’ fractures will tend to align with SHD. Therefore a horizontal producer drilled parallel with ShD will deliver maximum production when fracced parallel with SHD.

Initial Field Stress State

Many old fields have little or no measured stress data and the rest do not have anything approaching true 3D stress coverage. This means the effects of production on pressure depletion and stress adjustments at faults/sealing compartments cannot be calculated.

Secondary Recovery

Knowing the initial field stress state is not only desirable during primary recovery but is invaluable in the optimal placement of injection wells for water-flood and enhanced hydrocarbon recovery in general.

Sand Production

If SHD is known, most wells are perforated sub-parallel with that direction. The higher flow in that direction, and if the formation is composed of a friable sand, can cause major sanding issues. A less costly option than gravel packs in friable sands has been to reduce flow and sand production by perforated at right angles, ie, sub-parallel with ShD.