Stress Consistent Seismic Interpretation

When stress-isochores are placed in a 3D seismic volume, interpretations that are equal to, or consistent with, measured stresses such as wellbore breakouts and drilling induced fractures, are more likely to be correct, hence the mapping is more likely to be accurate.

In areas of no such measurements there is a quick test of the mapping. A characteristic of Earth stress is the general increase in stress magnitude towards the Anderson reverse fault stress state with depth (see the four maps and the stress legend). For an area of fair to good quality 3D seismic or closely spaced 2D data (0.5km line spacing), this stress progression reflects Earth stress increase with depth and a probably high standard of seismic interpretation. Details on Individual stress-ischores are therefore likely to be accurate. Data quality and density and horizon continuity are also tested.


Departures from the increasing stress trend with depth can be valid but require explanation outside basement involved basin subsidence.