Effective Geo-Engineer Interaction

The inter-relationships necessary for the least costly execution of expensive prospect and horizontal drilling are available to the geologist and engineer via the common use of stress from seismic pre-drill. This is outlined by the annotated drillbit diagram (left).


The Exploration field is placed between Geologists and Geophysicists and has links to 7 common applications, the Drilling field is similarly placed between Geophysicists and Drilling Engineers and the Production field between Reservoir Engineers and the Geologists. When it comes to Earth stresses in the petroleum industry the professions are part of a collaborative circle, not individual end games.


4DGeoStress requires geophysicists to produce for drillers, stress consistent (=correct) interpretations and maps and quantified SH, Sh, SV, PP and SHD on pressure-depth graphs (PDG’s) for wells of any directions or inclinations. Accurate mapping of faults planes and associated gouge and disturbed zones need to be noted on the PDG’s which are then well planning maps during the drilling stage.


If the reservoir is known to be naturally fractured or is to be fracced, SHD and SHM are essential pre-drill requirements.