Compressional Pulses

In sedimentary basins, SHD is perpendicular to crustcutting faults and therefore constant during each compressional pulse provided the strike of the fault remains unchanged. As the earth is experiencing a compressional pulse derived during the Pliocene to Recent, SHD is the same as derived from stress isochores of earlier compressional pulses. If the magnitude of each of the compressional pulse stresses has remained similar, SH Magnitude (SHM=SH/SV) is likewise the same today as the distance from the stress isochore from the rigid basement has not changed.

Fault Seal

An accurate and comprehensive understanding of the full stress history of a fault is critical to evaluating fault seal risks by geologists and flow barrier compartments by reservoir engineers. While the stratigraphy on either side of a fault can be a contributing factor, it is more important to know if, at critical times, the fault has been pulled apart, is open and leaking, or pushed shut and sealing.

Stress Maps

The stress-isochores are chosen to represent the sediments deposited during globally recognised compressional periods. They are then placed in the 3D (or 2D) seismic volume to form a 3D stress volume, thereby putting the structural history more precisely in an interactive quantified stress volume accessible for numerous exploration, drilling and production applications via 4DGeostress software.

Stress Consistent Seismic Interpretation

When stress-isochores are placed in a 3D seismic volume, interpretations that are equal to, or consistent with, measured stresses such as wellbore breakouts and drilling induced fractures, are more likely to be correct, hence the mapping is more likely to be accurate.

Stress/Stratigraphic Sections

Sections can be created with multiple segments from the 3D stress volume using 4DGeoStress software.

Detached Deformation

Where formations are detached and have slid due to extension or compression, basement involved stress is poorly recorded, if at all. In these situations 4DGeoStress will record the stress/structural history and the last period of movement affecting the slide.

Effective Geo-Engineer Interaction

The inter-relationships necessary for the least costly execution of expensive prospect and horizontal drilling are available to the geologist and engineer via the common use of stress from seismic pre-drill.