Founded in 2000, PSI is a private company, based in Brisbane, Australia. The principal, John K. Davidson, has over 40 years experience in structural interpretation of reflection seismic gained in part from conducting field trips for Exxon in western North America in the mid 1970’s and in type sections of southwestern UK since the early 1980’s. Teaching in the field has increased PSI’s structural knowledge and, coupled with consulting as an exploration manager in the UK, Middle East and SE Asia, quantified structural/stress history has been developed for pre-drill use in the exploration, drilling and production businesses.


PSI has a patented method for determining Earth stresses from interpreted reflection seismic and has been consulting worldwide while developing software (Pat. Pend.) to build the consulting business. The software is also available for direct sale.


Over 60 successful consulting  projects for pre-drill stress prediction for the E and P business have been completed by PSI. These projects have focused on fault seal, wellbore stability planning and fraccing in the North Sea, West Shetlands, California, Angola, Nigeria, Arabian Basin, Philippines, Thailand and continental margins and intracratonic basins in Australia.


PSI’s structural/stress experience is also engaged by smaller companies for technical exploration consulting services and commercial discoveries have resulted.